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Daniel Haeker (Daniel Häker in German spelling), born in Berlin, professional _DSF4486timpanist and percussionist, permanent member of the Wuppertal Symphony, avid traveller and part time professional photographer based in Wuppertal, Germany. Portrait, Nude, Stage, Travel and Landscape Photography. Other photography subjects include Architecture, Street and Food.

Contact: contact@danielhaeker.com, Mobile: +49.173.2 95 20 95.

Languages: German, English, Serbian and Croatian, Spanish, Swedish.

  • Solo-Exhibition “die innenwelt der außenwelt”, Duisburg 2018
  • Solo-Exhibition “faces.places”, Viersen 2017
  • Solo-Exhibition “Winter Maps”, Wuppertal 2016
  • NYC4PA, 2021 Architecture Photography Competition, Juror’s Selection
  • 16th Pollux Awards 2021, 1st Place, category Advertising and Fashion, series; two 3rd places, Nude & Figure, series and Street, single image; and 8 Honorable Mentions in various categories
  • One Eyeland Photography Awards 2020, Winner of two Bronze Medals, categories “Fine Art Nudes, Series” and “Architecture, Interiors, Series”
  • Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020, Winner of two Silver Medals, two Bronze Medals and one Honorable Mention
  • Budapest International Foto Awards 2020, Winner of one Silver and one Bronze Medal
  • ND-Awards 2020, 2nd Place and Silver Award, Fine Art Nudes, single image; 3rd Place and Bronze Award, Interior Architecture, series; 8 Honorable Mention Awards in different categories
  • Winner, category Nude & Figure, single image, 15th Pollux Awards 2020; Winner, category Architecture & Interiors, single image; Runner up, Nude & Figure, series; five Honorable Mention Awards, categories Architecture & Interiors, series, Documentary & Daily Life, series, Landscapes & Seascapes, series and single image and Nude & Figure, single image
  • Bronze Award, Category Press/Nature/Environmental, Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2020; three Honorable Mention Awards, categories Portraiture/Family, Architecture/Interior and Fine Art/Nudes.
  • 2 Bronze Awards, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2019, categories “Fine Art, Landscapes” and “Fine Art, Nudes”; 2x Finalist, categories “Nature, Landscape” and “Fine Art, Nudes”
  • Winner, category Nude & Figure, single image, 14th Pollux Awards 2019; additional 8 Honorable Mention Awards, categories Portrait, People, Nude & Figure, Landscapes and Architecture & Interiors
  • 21. Internationaler Naturfoto-Wettbewerb Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie 2019: “Magnificent Wilderness”, Highlight
  • 4 Honorable Mention Awards, ND Awards 2018, categories “Professional, Advertising”, “People: Travel/Culture”, “Fine Arte: Nudes” and “Nature: Landscape” 
  • Winner, category Landscapes & Seascapes, 12th Pollux Awards 2018; additional 4 Honorable Mentions, categories Landscapes & Seascapes and Architecture & Interiors
  • Merit Award, AAP (all about photo) Magazine’s “Travels” Competition 2018
  • Selected Artist for the 2018 juried exhibition “Urban Landscapes” 2018, 1650 Gallery, LA
  • Group Exhibition “The World Through My Eyes”, Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona, April 10th-28th, 2018
  • Selected Artist for the 2017 juried portrait exhibition, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, 1650 Gallery, LA
  • 7 Honorable Mention Awards and one 3rd place, ND Awards 2017, categories People, Fine Art Nudes and Architecture
  • 2x Finalist, TZIPAC 5th Eros Awards
  • Honorable Mention, 10th Pollux Awards, Category “Nude & Figure” 
  • Selected Artist for the juried photography exhibition “Windows and Doors”, 1650 Gallery, LA
  • Selected Artist, “Windows: Looking in, Looking out” online exhibition 2017, Don’t Take Pictures
  • Title Winner Photographer of the Year and Gold Award, segment “Amateur”, category “People”, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2016. Additional three Bronze Awards, categories “People”, “Sports” and “Culture”.
  • Finalist, Travel Photographer of the Year 2016
  • 6 Honorable Mention Awards in 5 categories, ND Awards 2016
  • Finalist, SIPA (Siena International Photo Awards) 2016.
  • Shortlisted, The Motif Collective, “Transportation” 2016.
  • Shortlisted, The Motif Collective, “Minimalism” 2015.
  • Finalist, B&W CHILD Photo Competition 2015.
  • 1x Runner Up and 3x Finalist, 7th Pollux Award
  • Honorable Mention, Art Competition, “Faces of Humanity” 2015.
  • Selected Artist for the “I’ll Be Your Mirror” Juried Portrait Exhibition 2015 at 1650 Gallery, LA.
  • Winner, category “Life”, and 2nd Place, category “Water”, International Vellamo Photography Competition 2015.
  • Honorable Mention, A Smith Gallery, “Travel” 2015.
  • Juror’s Selection, NYC4PA “Transportation” 2014.
  • Winner and Award of Excellence, CQ34 (Creative Quarterly Journal), category “Photography, Professional”.
  • 3rd Place, category Advertising: Food, and six Honorable Mentions, International Photography Awards (ipa) 2013.
  • Honorable Mention, NYC4PA “Urban Landscapes” 2013.
  • Five Silver Awards, Best Digital Pics 2012, Better Digital Camera Magazine.
  • Finalist of Camera Obscura Journal’s international photography competition, category Professional, spring 2011.
  • Runner up, Cewe Color “Portrait and Emotion” competition 2011.
  • Selected Artist for the Black And White Juried Exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont.
  • Selected Artist for the “I’ll Be Your Mirror” Juried Portrait Exhibition 2011 at 1650 Gallery, LA.
  • Finalist of Camera Obscura Journal’s international photography competition, category Professional, autumn 2010.


You can book me as a photographer. Please send me an e-mail, call me or text me – see “Contact and Studio Location” at the bottom of every page – to inquire about the details.


Prints are available, usually limited to 8+2 copies per edition. Each print is manufactured at the famous Grieger laboratory in Düsseldorf. Please contact me to inquire about size and price.

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